IGA Metropole Ruhr 2027 Green Infrastructure Framework Concept

Lead author: Jens Haendeler

Published: IGA Metropole Ruhr 2027 gGmbH

The IGA Metropole Ruhr 2027 Green Infrastructure Framework Concept conceives the ecological, social, and spatial context within which IGA 2027 project in the Metropole Ruhr are designed and constructed. Particular attention is paid to climate adaptation and climate targets, biodiversity, biotopes and their networks, environmental education, landscape justice, and sustainability. The framework concept summarizes the social and ecological transformations that the Ruhr Region is facing and identifies potential sustainable and positive effects of IGA 2027 Green Infrastructure projects.

The IGA 2027 Metropolis Ruhr initiative is major regional undertaking by the municipalities of the Ruhr Valley, the Regional Verband Ruhr and the Deutsche Bundesgartenschaugesellschaft, steering and implementing green-blue infrastructure projects, public spaces and parks, remidiation projects, community spaces, and small-scale independent projects across more than 40 sites in the Ruhr valley, amounting an overall project volume of more than $ 500 mio.