Jens Haendeler is a landscape architect, Visiting Professor of Urban Studies and Spatial Practices and co-founder of landscape research design collective pnevma. His research considers the relationship of landscape, imaginary and politics across Europe and the Middle East.
He has undertaken research studies in the Middle East and across Europe, exploring the relationship of public space, power and the everyday life. He has presented his work at the Centre for the Study of Democracy at the University of Westminster in 2016 and a number of his essays are lined up for publishing in 2017. Jens has been awarded the Whole Earth fellowship award for his research design project Living River Walls in 2015 and received distinction for his theory and design thesis in 2016 at the University of Greenwich where he is a visiting theory and design critic throughout 2017.
Jens is a Master’s Degree Landscape Architecture graduate with 6 years of professional experience in landscape architecture practice and 5 years of professional experience in the construction industry. He has previously absolved a three-year long apprenticeship in landscape construction and horticulture in Germany and a three-year long course in entrepreneurial business management and accounting. His grounding in both, construction as well as arts make him a practical yet imaginative collaborator.
He has co-founded pnevma collective in 2016 and since focussed on research design work that explores contemporary issues such as migration and the militarization of the city by employing a set of collaborative and cross-disciplinary tools, reaching beyond the boundaries of landscape architecture practice and academia. Pnevma aims to foster democracy, human rights and peace through reforming the understanding of landscape and the process of placemaking.
Jens is a founding member of pnevma collective
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