Solve Climate by 2030 Global Climate Dialogue 2021: Middle East. 

Chair/Organizer; Solve Climate by 2030 Global Climate Dialogue 2021: Middle East. Across The Fertile Crescent, round table with Mazin Qumsiyeh, Pelin Tan, Farimah Jamali.

Solve Climate By 2030 is a coordinated climate education initiative across OSUN and beyond. It organizes educators to dedicate the first Wednesday of April each year during the 2020s as a day for global, coordinated education on climate solutions. The project creates and promotes templates for educational initiatives, highlighting ambitious local and regional climate solutions, and ways in which students and other citizens can engage with communities to support these solutions. In addition, Solve Climate is preparing an online practicum course, Social Media for Climate Activism, for students at all OSUN institutions. The course will explore the theory and practice of social media, with student projects undertaken in support of building engagement with Solve Climate.

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