dis-located identities in a fragmenting world

Class and Symposium, Jens Haendeler and Prof Tom Selwyn (Course Co-Leaders), SOAS University and Al-Quds Bard College, Program of Social Thought, Economics, and Politics;

This course responds to a world framed by refugees and asylum seekers in conflict ridden areas, rising populism and exclusionary political rhetoric and policies. It builds on the study of, and participation in, progressive and critical movements formed by cosmopolitan values and practices based upon principles of universal hospitality, courtesy, and mutual recognition.

The key terms of the proposed course include identity, migration, refugees, asylum, exclusion/inclusion, shared space, the city as refuge, memorialisation, notions of home, senses of belonging, and homecoming.

The course will be conducted between Al-Quds Bard, SOAS, ArtEZ, and Cambridge University in conjunction with additional expert guests who are invited to speak to relevant topics.

Course Leaders:

Jens Haendeler (Al-Quds Bard)
Prof Tom Selwyn (SOAS)

Contributions by:

Carin Rustema (ArtEZ)
Dr Safet HadžiMuhamedović (Cambridge)
Dr Reza Masoudi-Nejad (SOAS)
Prof Lucy Durán (SOAS)
Dr Marc Boumeester (ArtEZ)
Prof Nishant Shah (ArtEZ)
Monika Dorniak (artist)
Omar Hmidat (artist)